The Joining: Bound By Blood



His gaze haunts her like no other. Her beauty leaves him speechless.

One caress, one kiss, one taste of the enigmatic Ariel and a maelstrom engulfs D’Nar. One touch of the dark, virile vampyr and her secret passion ignites—a forbidden craving to be taken and overcome by this superior race. Before long, they are bound not only by her blood and his need for it, but by her humanity as their desire swells in time to the desert wind that whirls around them.

When Ariel agrees to become D’Nar’s concubine, she has no idea their mutual attraction will explode into a fury of ecstasy. But can this irresistible passion survive the growing distrust between human and vampyr? Can it survive an ancient evil bent on revenge? And knowing all the odds stacked against them, could it ever blossom into love?

In order for their world to survive, Ariel and D’Nar learn that desire alone will not carry them to the end of their quest. Only when they trust each other enough to love unconditionally can they save their civilization—and themselves.