The Forgotten Ones


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For ten years, agent Laura Black has worked for a secret organization that captures and recruits “unwanted” teenagers and trains them to be assassins. Explosions, gunfire, and death are just another day at the office. Offered the chance to lead her own team, Laura jumps at the opportunity to mold new minds and possibly make a difference in the future of SIU.

But this is no ordinary team. Smart and ambitious, these recruits have her questioning the last decade of her life. Especially Bryce Chappell, the ex-Army Ranger whose touch of conscience landed him in prison. SIU negotiated his release and assigned him to her, but Laura’s fighting their mutual attraction–fraternization is a death sentence.

If Bryce’s love doesn’t get her killed, her new team’s insubordination, lies, and war against the agency just might. Will Laura give in to her heart? Or cling to the only things she’s known?