The Essence of Whiskey and Tea



Twenty-five years ago, Savannah Savage-Montgomery spoke four little words that sent her first love running. Forced to get on with her life, she met another man, married him, and raised a family. Now her past has returned, and JT’s presence threatens to unhinge the emotional façade she constructed.

JT Davies left Heritage River as the least likely to succeed, but he’s back and ready to prove his worth, especially to the only woman he’s ever loved. He’ll start by winning the catering spot for the town’s anniversary event. But the problem is he’ll have to push Savannah out to do it. ​

Savannah wants to protect her reputation and her late husband’s memory, but she can’t stay away from JT. She will be forced to choose between a happy family, a successful business, and the only man who ever made her feel like herself.