The Dark Side of Tranquility


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Tranquility, a planet from a distant sun, is peaceful. The gobblers, Tranquility’s bird-like natives, are reserved but friendly, allowing the religious group–The Followers of the Seer–to escape persecution on Earth.
Clara, a seventeen-year-old Follower, lives a blissful life inside the Followers’ complex. Her peaceful life suffers a sudden turn when her father falls gravely ill during a blackout. The settlers’ Communication Center, the Beacon, has its own power source, and Clara must reach it to save her dad’s life.
The mongrels, Tranquility’s best-kept secret, have launched a rebellion. Rem, a young and proud mongrel, hates everything about humans. When Clara and Rem cross paths, Rem wants to kill her. However, as hell breaks loose, and they must work together to survive, Clara stirs some unexpected feelings within Rem. Can love flourish amongst fire and rubble?