The Breath of Spanish Oaks (Sisters of the Way Book 1)



Cayce McCallister and sister Harri Wellington, fifty-year-old “magnets for trouble,” live by the philosophy of their father, giver of their gift of seeing into the past. Through a bloodstained cookbook in Natchez, Mississippi, restless spirits channel Cayce and Harri, beckoning them to follow the path leading to Spanish Oaks Inn in south Mississippi.

Here the sisters come face to face with spirits of slaves related to the current owner and his distant cousin, the resident fortuneteller. Joshua Devaux, present owner of Spanish Oaks, is smitten with one of the sisters and becomes ghost-hunter-in-training as he joins Cayce and Harri in solving the mysteries haunting the plantation since the 1840s.

But can they unravel the disappearances, murder, and thefts in time to save Joshua’s daughter from a terrifying death in the swamp at the hands of a modern-day monster?