The Beginning Comes Quietly (The Dawning Series)



Peyton Adams has two secrets. One, she’s plagued by visions of gruesome slayings, yet is helpless to save the victims. Two, she’s still in love with her ex-fiancé, even though he broke her heart.

Little does defense attorney, Cole MacLeod, know when he accepts a serial killer case that it will turn into a chase of life and death for the one woman who still holds his heart. Although he hurt Peyton years ago, he never stopped loving her.

Now, a dangerous adversary is toying with Peyton’s mind. Ultimately her thoughts are being controlled, and she experiences the excruciating torture of each victim. With every murder, the deranged maniac gains strength and taunts Peyton about her inevitable death.

Can Cole erase the pain he caused and claim the woman he loves. Or, will a madman end Peyton’s life before he has the chance to figure out how the psychopath is wielding this gruesome power and prevent him from claiming anymore lives, including the love of his life?