The Baby Interview



Cole Donovan is handsome, successful, and a millionaire. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and what he wants is a child – without the inconvenience of a wife. One failed marriage was more than enough to teach Cole that women can’t be trusted. On the day he interviews potential surrogate mothers, Cole finds the perfect woman for the job. Too bad she turns out to be his florist.

Florist Lucy Chaple is more than flattered when Cole invites her to dinner. After her parents’ death, her life has been little more than responsibilities – running their flower shop and raising her brother. She finds it hard to believe someone like Cole could be interested in her – and it turns out she’s right. He’s only interested in convincing Lucy to carry his child. But Lucy isn’t about to give up her first born.

Cole will do whatever it takes to change her mind, even wooing her. Everyone can be bought. He just needs to find Lucy’s price – before he falls in love with her.