Taking Chances: Taking Chances Series



Catherine loves Martin, but is no longer in love. Two days after celebrating their thirty-fourth anniversary, she’s fascinated by the man sitting across from her in the park. He’s writing intensely in his notebook, and when their eyes meet, he stops writing. After a short conversation, he offers to walk her back to her office across the street, then invites her to have coffee after work. Captivated, she reluctantly agrees to go to his apartment where, much to her surprise, a secret year-long affair begins.

Though horrified that she has broken her marriage vows, is living a lie, and suffocating, she finds the courage to tell Martin she’s in love with another man. Breaking his heart is the hardest thing she has ever done but must take a chance and follow her own. When Martin dies, she feels responsible but painfully learns a person is responsible for one’s own happiness.