Jessica Cassady is a copyeditor for a small newspaper in Georgia where her husband Lee is a sportswriter. When he attends a convention in New York, Jess is shocked when she calls his room in the middle of the night and a woman answers. Lee swears things aren’t what they seem, but Jess isn’t so sure. She decides changes need to be made.

After she kicks him out, Lee realizes just how much he’s lost and tries his best to win her back. Things become even more complicated when Noah Hamilton, a sweet man from her past shows up. Sparks fly as these two polar opposites on the testosterone scale compete for her affection.

While Jess is enjoying her new-found independence, conflict abounds and a choice needs to be made. Should she forego the beefcake brigade and give the sensitive type a try, or should she give in to the addictive rush she’s always felt whenever she’s close to Lee?