Swindled (Oakwood Tavern Book 2)



For years, Marley Volkov’s survival depended on conning people out of their life savings. One look into Alan Reid’s pained eyes, with his soiled reputation and heap of financial problems, awakens a new empathy inside her. She renounces grifting forever and not just because every inch of her burns to be with him. But his association with her and her checkered past will drag him further into the gutter. To save herself, to save him, she must walk away. Walk away from the unbridled desire he inspires, from the passion and sympathy that feel like home.

Alan Reid is buried to the neck in money issues. The understanding and compassion he finds in Marley is the exact thing he needs at the completely wrong time. Everything about her makes his blood run hot. She’s smart, irresistible, and a criminal. Why is the only person who’s ever shown him sympathy have to be a con artist? He can’t be with her, but he’s compelled to save her from herself.