Sweet Spades (The Club Duology Book 1)



A game she can’t win against a man she can’t beat…the stakes are sizzling.

Kylie Turner is desperate. One brother, a car thief, has landed himself in jail. Her other brother, the underground fighting champ, is using his fists to help post bail and free his twin. Playing cards is her gift, and her only way to make fast cash. That’s how she ends up in the notorious poker club, losing to the sinfully gorgeous owner. He enjoys playing with her, taunting her, but ultimately offers a way out—become his mistress. But playing house with a felon could lead to a stolen heart…

Asher Black never believed in fate, but then his brother’s girlfriend walks into his club with desperation clinging to her like a second skin. He’s been waiting a long time for revenge against the man who slept with his wife while he was in jail. A game of cat and mouse begins, but he’s starting to wonder if he’s the one who’ll be caught.