Sugar’s Cookies



Holly—I had a teenage crush on my brother’s best friend. In spite of their teasing, I held onto a spark of hope that one day Ben Fontaine would reciprocate my feelings. On the eve of my eighteenth birthday, that spark erupted into a live flame fanned by Ben’s stolen kiss. Minutes later, that flame was stomped out into ashes at my feet, breaking my heart forever. For years, Ben and his wife tossed nasty barbs at me, my puppy love now a dragon of hate. Until Ben returned home. Alone. Bearing apologies and reigniting a long-dead desire.

Ben—Holly’s hold on my heart never really died. But I buried it anyway, refusing to betray my best friend’s trust. I used my marriage as a shield to keep me from the burning temptation I felt whenever fate brought us together. Now I’m divorced. And I want my chance with Holly.