Stone Dreaming Woman



Jenny Weston, daughter of a prominent NYC neurosurgeon, sacrificed everything to graduate from medical school at the top of her class in 1910. Even so, no hospital will hire a woman doctor, and no private practice will let her buy in. She decides to rethink her possibilities by visiting her uncle in rural Ontario.

Sergeant Shane Adair of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police ignores her until he recognizes her healing abilities. Meanwhile, he reminds her of every man who has ever patronized her. It is mutual dislike until, desperate, he asks her to aid a gravely injured boy.

With Shane’s help, Jenny joins the local doctor’s practice, and a tentative love blossoms. Her world has finally fallen into place–until her father arrives and demands she return to New York. Suddenly she is up against the hardest battle she has ever fought. Will she win? And at what cost?