Stolen Choices



Pardoned by the governor, former outlaw Hamilton Crockett works as security over a wealthy estate. With robberies in homes among members of high society, he advises his employers against a New Year’s party. Meaning to stay alert to any threat, he finds himself distracted by the beautiful Celesta Deveau when a piece of leftover mistletoe gives him an excuse for a kiss. Smitten, he hopes to court the lady and propose a future together. But feelings sour when he learns she’s part of the criminal gang he’s been pursuing.

Celesta longs for a normal life, but past circumstances compel her to thievery, a life she hates. Hamilton Crockett’s investigation into the thefts threatens her planned escape to freedom. Yet something about the security officer thrills her and swells her heart with hope. Could she become someone important to him instead of the enemy her criminal behavior represents?