Starting Over



Joette Hannifin’s life is finally back on track after the death of her husband. She has her son, her friends, and a job she loves. What she doesn’t need is her ex-husband walking back into her life. Her youthful marriage was short, not sweet, and best forgotten. Royal Bradley cannot be trusted–no matter how good-looking the louse might be.

Royal travels to Southwest Florida to investigate some property, never expecting to find his beautiful ex-wife happily settled in this small town. Back in the day, Royal was a hotshot contractor with everything money could buy–except Joette. His spoiled brat behavior destroyed their marriage. Is fate giving him another chance?

Despite her best efforts, Joette can’t seem to avoid Royal. Reluctantly, she begins to see another side to his personality. Maybe he’s changed–but is it worth the risk to rekindle their romance and find out?