Solid Gold Bachelor (Bachelors Three Series Book 2)



As the small town of Hillsborough, New Jersey prepares to welcome rock-star and former resident Shane Fox, accountant Carly Mitchell steels herself to face Shane. He was someone she loved long ago and buried deep in her heart after he left. Now, he is coming home.

Shane Fox, leader of super-star group the Rangers, contracted a benefit concert for Hillsborough’s Victims of Abuse Center for a specific reason—Carly. He needs to bury his demons and explain why he left. First, he must rebuild her trust.

Carly and Shane’s fragile truce is shattered when a fanatic groupie announces he is the father of her child. When the fan is found dead after the concert, the paparazzi goes wild. Will the past repeat itself as number-one suspect Shane goes on the run to clear his name, or will the truth behind his decade-ago disappearance surface in time to save Carly from the real killer?