Sole Mates



Romeo and Juliet didn’t really die. Well, their earthly bodies were entombed after their fifteenth century suicides, forcing their spirits to watch helplessly from The Other Side as their families renewed their centuries-old feud.

With the help of their Spirit Guides and Heavenly Counselor, they decide to try again for a life together on Earth and to reunite their quarreling families. Their attempts over the next four centuries all fail, partly because another soul, Rose, believes that she and Romeo are the true soul mates and continually comes between them.

Heavenly Counselor Everman grants the star-crossed lovers one last chance. The two of them find themselves in 21st century Indianapolis, both employed in the retail shoe industry. Jewish Julianne Caplan and Roman Montgomery, a Catholic, must navigate the world of business, thwart Rosaline, overcome their families’ hatred of one another, and avoid being torn apart. Will this life end like all the rest?