So Much More



Three headstrong young women are members of the elite in a small but wealthy New Jersey town. The arrival of a handsome, charming member of the English aristocracy rearranges their safe, predictable lives one summer in 1902.
Alice Hastings is an accomplished painter who wants to prove her artistic talents; however, her adoring widowed father has other plans. Francesca Dunbar may be of royal lineage and feels superior to her neighbors. She is the spoiled only child of a family whose secret could shake up the town gossips. Claire Armstrong loves her horses more than anything, but her father is intent on having at least one of his five daughters marry well.
Each young woman is at a crossroads in a world where women’s rights are still not a matter for discussion in their social circle. For Alice, Claire, and Francesca it means taking three different paths to finding happiness…and so much more.