Shadow Music



When Australian violinist Nina Lee finds a piece of old sheet music at a rummage sale, she quickly discovers the music is imbued with a supernatural power. Strange dreams of a handsome, passionate, and commanding man playing a beautiful melody on violin haunt her nights and gradually consume her thoughts.

Time-traveling minstrel Piers de Crespigny demands that Nina help him in his ghostly quest to be reunited with his lost love Miranda. Obsessed with playing his music, seduced by its power, and half in love with Piers herself, Nina is afraid she will do anything for him. Then equally obsessed Englishman musician Martin Leigh walks into the music shop where Nina works—looking for her.

Desperate and frightened for their sanity, they join forces to travel back to England together and break Piersʼ hold over them. But how can a determined spirit be laid to rest when his beloved died tragically more than a century ago?