Secrets of Ugly Creek



Nobody knows how special Ugly Creek is, except the people who live there and guard its secrets. When journalist and ex-resident Madison Clark discovers an infamous muckraker plans to film a documentary there, she volunteers to interview him. Somebody must protect the little town. She didn’t realize she’d also have to protect her heart.

For Gibson “Mac” McFain, this documentary series means a fresh start. He didn’t count on a feisty, yet attractive, reporter questioning his motives. Worse, someone is determined to undermine his efforts by attacking him and his crew. No matter what he feels about Madison, Mac can’t risk ruining what’s left of his career.

Love requires trust; but both Madison and Mac believe it’s a luxury they can’t afford. That leaves desire and it’s only a matter of time before they act on their longings. But are the stakes too high to be sleeping with the enemy?