Secrets of the Gentleman Thief



Fear: Alisa Fenton embarks on a quest to conquer her irrational fear of the mystical Dark Forest near her home. When her brother William goes missing and Alisa searches for him, she realizes the forest and his disappearance are connected.

Secrets: Lord Daniel Emerson, an agent who steals artifacts for a secret government organization, is also looking for Alisa’s brother. He suspects William, a fellow agent, may be in the hands of the enemy, and believes Alisa knows more than she’s telling.

Murder: A killer, intent on silencing anyone connected to William, closes in, forcing Alisa and Daniel to flee.

In seclusion, their passion ignites, reawakening the childhood trauma lurking in Alisa’s subconscious and stirring Daniel’s secret guilt concerning a woman from his past. Can Alisa and Daniel overcome their fear of betrayal long enough to stop a sinister plot…and, more importantly, find the solace they both desire?