Second Chance with the Playboy



At thirty-two, feisty Annabel Simpson is the youngest doctor to take charge of a ward in the history of Oakwood Hospital. A possible closure threatens her position and spurs her into action. Organizing a charity bike ride from Brighton to Lands End seems like a good idea until she comes face to face with her past in the form of playboy Marcus Chapman.

Marcus Chapman is still grieving the loss of his daughter. The Oakwood staff did everything in their power to save her. Now, it’s time to give back by donning his biker-leathers for the first time in years. Unfortunately, his teammate is the girl who broke his heart. Annabel has changed from the carefree girl she once was, and Marcus is determined to break down the barriers she has erected.

Can one charity event and her first love help her save the beloved Children’s Ward? Does she have the courage to mend their broken hearts?