Sassafras Summer



Annie Hughes’s life is a train wreck. She lost her boyfriend, her condo, and her job, all at the same time. She drives cross-country to take refuge with her mother, Dorie, in North Carolina, only to discover Dorie is engaged to a man Annie has never met. He has a son, Jax, newly returned from overseas. Sparks fly between Annie and Jax, the kind that lead to a three-alarm fire. But how can Annie trust her instincts when they’ve led her so far astray in the past?

Jax comes back from his year away, determined to establish his career as an architect. He doesn’t have time for a serious attraction to Annie. When an old girlfriend shows up with a mysterious hold over him, Jax must deal with her demands.

While Jax juggles his career, his ex, and his nascent feelings for Annie, the question Annie must answer is, can she trust herself to let love in?