Return to Riversleigh: A Sequel to The CEO Gets Her Man



Shannon’s adrenaline-junkie husband gambled away their security and his life. She believes her twelve-year-old son’s memories border on hero worship. Shannon’s decisions, including leaving Auckland and returning to her hometown of Riversleigh, upset her son. The tension between them reaches the breaking point.

Carefree adventurer Luke returns to the farm he escaped from years ago to raise his deceased brother’s children. Developing an adventure park might restore something of his previous life. His friend, Jase McEwan, introduces him to Shannon who is in desperate need of employment and a place to stay.

Reluctant to associate with another risk-taker, Shannon finds Luke’s blasé attitude and claims of unlimited finances worrying. Even with Luke encouraging Thomas to escape Shannon’s “mollycoddling,” a friendship develops and soon deepens to something more. But will any chance of a lasting relationship be destroyed when Shannon discovers Luke is also a gambler?