Reclaiming Paradise (The Accidental Billionaires Book 1)



Opportunity knocks—temptation kicks the door in. A horrific accident drives tech-savvy billionaire Quinn Huntington to Welcome Bay in the tropical north of New Zealand. No one can reach him there. At least that’s his plan. He doesn’t count on having Goldie Royale sashay in and destroy his precious isolation.
Goldie owns the neighboring property—a run-down villa held together by peeling paint and cobwebs. Her husband and son died five years ago. Since then, she wandered far and wide. Now she’s back to reclaim her home and her life. This is her Eden and he’s the snake. Quinn believes a relationship isn’t worth the heartache, but Goldie brings him to life. Can he let go of past hurts and love her? She vowed never to be vulnerable to love again—can she trust Quinn with her future?