RealLife Rum (The Hard Stuff)



Who determines your destiny? The gods or the gods of money?

After she’s invited to Dusky Beach, Florida, Marina Winston believes she’ll finally meet her mysterious benefactor. But sometimes fate is a twisted bitch. One minute she’s flirting with the security guard, the next he’s been shot. RealLife Shares, a spy who loves her, a pink pistol, and Mr. X, the mysterious multimillionaire who lives on his own private island… All this has something to do with Marina, but she has no idea what.

She only knows Officer Handsome, the detective interrogating her, has clear blue eyes like an Alaskan dog, and boy, does he turn her on. He really doesn’t want to go there. Yet to her, the cool cop represents the chance to demonstrate her freedom of choice. And Marina is determined to choose her own destiny.