Reaching High (The Daring Heights Series Book 4)



Tè Zhang, a skilled agent, devotes her life to exacting justice on the man who murdered her father and step-mother. But working a high profile case for Safeguard Security Inc. attracts her enemy’s attention. Now she’s the hunted with her death the goal.

RG Gribbs, her employer, has given his heart to the delicate, highly skilled woman, so far above his poor boy Texan roots. Protecting his love means keeping her out of the action, and his choice tears them apart.

Wounded and heartbroken Tè recuperates from wounds received in her latest battle with her nemesis, unaware RG tirelessly works to track him down. With military precision RG prevents another attempt on Te’s life, and with her back in his arms, swears nothing will keep them apart. But, when the enemy forces Tè into mortal combat, RG must trust she will safeguard herself and their love.