Queen’s Chess



When this killer is playing, every move could be your last.

The Chess Master found something special in Violent Crimes Detective Jesse Reid…a worthy adversary. Never before has the game been so exciting. Never before have the stakes been so high. As the end game draws near, the Chess Master adheres to one rule above all else. When you find the right opponent, you do whatever is needed to keep him in the game.

A devastating tragedy drove Jesse Reid to step away from a career that defined him. He distanced himself from everyone he cared about…until Charlotte McKenna saunters into his life, testing Jesse’s resolve and awakening feelings he’d thought long dead. But in falling for her, Jesse places Charlie directly in the cross-hairs of an obsessed serial killer.

Now Jesse’s second chance at love is on the line as he’s forced to navigate one last time through a twisted game of sudden death. Will Charlie heal Jesse’s wounded heart? Or will the Chess Master beat Jesse to the final Checkmate?