Putty in Her Hands



Owner of Regal Restorations, Julia Rossi learns of a Louisiana project worthy of her attention. The Bayou Queen hotel, once a splendid building, sits in ruins. Julia breaks in to see what The Queen has to offer and discovers parquet floors and magnificent plasterwork. She aches to restore The Queen to its former glory.

Developer Remington Broussard purchased the site for demolition to make way for his condominium project, Black Diamonds. He catches Julia trespassing. It’s a standoff against his shotgun and her hammer and pry bar.

Admiring her spirit, beauty, and devotion to her art, he sets out to change her mind about him and the Queen. Julia is equally sure she can convince the handsome architect to save the hotel. A tug of war ​between their goals ensues​. Along the way attraction develops. Who will win?