Promise Them (The Callahan Series Book 6)



Nellie Callahan, matriarch of the Callahan family, is perfectly content with her life on the Callahan Ranch until handsome Beau Chandler buys the ranch next door and comes courting.

Beau is smitten with the lovely Nell, but cattle rustlers, family problems, and Nell’s reluctance make it almost impossible to pursue the relationship he desires.

Nellie never thought she’d feel this way again about a man. But the trauma from her past runs deep. She’s been able to still the voices that have haunted her since childhood by keeping busy with her family. But her children are grown now, with families of their own, leaving her free to move into a new life for herself.

How could Beau, a retired U.S. Senator, be happy with someone as flawed as she is? Will Nellie realize the truth in time, or will the rustlers put an end to her second chance at love?