Promise Made (The Callahan Series)



Five years after leaving Sheriff Dugan Callahan at the altar, defense attorney Kate Maroney is back in Oaktree, Texas. Her boss has proposed, and she’s come home to figure out what to do. When her grandmother falls and Kate stays on to care for her, Kate starts accepting clients, hoping to keep her mind off of the fiery attraction she still feels for Dugan.
Dugan wants to know: What is Kate running from now? And why does she fight the obvious feelings between them? Kate’s agreement to represent a battered woman’s murder case pits them against each other even more.

After the biggest trial in memory, half the town is rooting for them to get back together, while the other half would rather see Kate return to Austin and leave their sheriff alone.
Who is right? Who is wrong? Will Kate run again, or will love win out in the end?