Promise Broken (The Callahan Series)



Phyllis Leander is running from a killer. Donovan Callahan is running from the truth.

When Donovan Callahan overhears a family secret he was never supposed to know, it changes his life. He doubts his wounded heart will survive the hurt and disillusionment.

Phyl Leander witnessed her husband being shot and ran away to work as a ranch hand in the Texas hill country. She thinks she and her young son are safe. But are they?

When Donovan meets Phyl and her son, he slowly begins to realize that love doesn’t have to come in a neatly wrapped package. When danger strikes, he’ll do everything he can to protect his beautiful blonde ranch foreman and the child he’s come to think of as his own.

Will the love of a woman and child on the run save Donovan Callahan from himself?