Prison Break



Lizzie Fowler, the prison warden’s daughter, is alone in their home inside the prison walls. The angry inmates riot, burn the shops and invade the house, threatening Lizzie’s life. She manages to live, but the constant fear, the horrible nightmares and her self-induced isolation make living unbearable.

Dan Moriarty drives his father’s car to the prison, amidst havoc in the small town of Auburn, New York, to pick Lizzie up for the big community picnic. But three escaped inmates take over the car and force Dan to help them leave the area. Finally escaped, Dan is angry, angry at everyone in the world, angry with the coach for not letting him practice football, and angry at himself for not helping Lizzie.

Lizzie and Dan, separately and alone, use every resource available to survive. But they can’t forget the terror, the helplessness. Would living be survival? Do they really want that survival?