Pried (A Remembered Classics Romance Book 5)



Jane Austin—college professor and romance novelist—has her first book reviewed by D. Fitzgerald Williams, a professor at nearby Derby College. His condescending tone and dismissive critique irk her, but it’s Fitz’s support of a nearby construction project that really annoys her. That project will destroy a fragile ecosystem and she’s determined to stop it.

Then Jane’s neighbor, Mr. Collins, is murdered and documents he leaves for her might stop the construction. Fitz gets involved in the legal evaluation of those documents, showing Jane a new side to this complex and interesting man.

But just as their romance starts to blossom, Jane uncovers the truth about Mr. Collins and the land used for the construction. She realizes that Fitz might not be all that he appears to be. The big question, though is this: is he the hero or the villain of her romance?

It might cost her life to find out.