Practice Makes Perfect



Married and so much in love, Taylor and Rick enjoy a perfect marriage, with a great relationship both in bed and out of it — except Taylor finds it impossible to overlook her 6’3″ ex-football-player husband’s obsession with medical books, doctors’ websites, and vitamin consumption. She is driven to change Rick’s bizarre hypochondria (she calls it the Capital H) by concocting weird tricks that get him sidetracked. She fears Rick will become so consumed by his problem he will self-destruct, while she wants a baby and he says he isn’t ready. He also claims he’s allergic to all kinds of pets, yet when Taylor impulsively rescues an Old English Sheepdog from certain death at the pound, conservative Rick ends up running naked through the woods in a thunderstorm looking for the runaway dog.
Opposites attract—but is the laughter and passion they share in their mixed-up marriage enough to save the day?