Portia and the Merchant of London



After her father’s stroke, Portia Gillespie finds they have just enough money to live on, so where is her brother’s school tuition to come from? She and Mama have no idea until a moneylender comes to call. In spite of the prior debt, he is willing to lend this year’s tuition. The only alternative to accepting the loan is to apprentice Benedict to one of the less expensive trades. Papa would be horrified.

Solomon de Toledo has fulfilled none of his family’s expectations. He is neither a rabbi nor a physician, nor even a respectable importer or banker. Still, as a moneylender, he is able to aid Portia, whose character he admires as much as he respects her father’s scholarship.

But when her father recovers and arranges Portia’s betrothal, how will Solomon save her from her ruthless suitor?