Pirate’s Proposal (Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll)



Pirate Captain Gina Santini is in trouble. The loot she and her crew
worked so hard to capture was stolen from her, by none other than the
rogue pirate, Charles the Charmer! What a scoundrel! After she chases
him down, her world is suddenly turned upside down. Charles can’t be who
he says he is, can he? And what is the proposal he has to offer to keep
his hide in tact? Can a girl trust a known charmer and full blown
scallywag with her safety as well as that of her crew, not to mention
her heart? Enter in a grand scheme and two fiercely loyal crews, and let
the adventure begin.

This is a delightfully fun adventure full of sword fights, legends,
pirates, and the adventures of the heart. The story flows effortlessly,
easily blending all of the adventure into a plausible story (if pirates
of old still existed). All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and
many others will enjoy it as well

Gina Santini is delighted to leave the fancy London finishing school she despises and take over the family business in the Caribbean when her father becomes too ill to continue. As captain of the pirate ship Gypsy Doll she plunders the seas to support them both.

Charles “the Charmer” was first mate on the Gypsy Doll before he was shanghaied and enslaved to a brutal master. On his escape, he swears revenge and uses his charm to convince Gina to help him win the biggest prize of all, one with enough gold to allow them to give up pirating forever.

But betrayal swirls in the air as surely as a stormy sea, and the curse of the gypsy doll makes betrayal more than dangerous…