Phantom and the Fugitive



Museum archivist Danielle Burgess is headed for a romantic weekend getaway with the new man in town when she suddenly finds herself a fugitive running from the law, accused of stealing valuable antiquities. She doesn’t question the ease with which she is provided an alternate identity, a secondhand car, and a new destination, but will she be safe hiding out on Phantom Island? A charismatic ghost on a black horse haunts the beaches at night, and a phantom ship of fire appears offshore at random.

As if that weren’t enough, Andrew Drack, blind and lame from an accident, convinces Dani he could be a modern-day Dracula in his eerily decrepit Victorian house on the cliff. His wolf-like seeing-eye dog adds to his haunting image, but his friendship with the local constable is the most frightening aspect of this mysterious real-life man who threatens to overwhelm all her inhibitions with his sensual charms.