Paradise for a Sinner (The Sinners Sports Romances Book 4)



Jilted by his Island Princess fiance, Samoan cornerback Adam Malala seeks advice about women from his happily married, Sinners’ quarterback, Joe Dean Billodeaux. But, Joe is preoccupied by two children who have showed up on his doorstep. Adam finds his own solution by applying the island maxim, “the best cure for a lost love is a new one.” He sets his sights on the newly divorced Winnie Green, a nurse who has come to help with the children.

Winnie has always planned ahead and done what her family expects but free from an unhappy marriage, she is ready for a wild fling with Adam. When they travel to Samoa, she soon realizes Adam and his culture are far more complicated than she suspected. When Adam is accused of a terrible crime, she must use her outsider ways to prove his innocence.

Misunderstandings plague their relationship and all seems lost. Will a moonlit beach, a romantic dance and promise of commitment be enough to bring them back together?