Pamina and the Seven Owls (Flapper Follies Book 2)



Pamina Woods is determined to make a career as a journalist, but the man she fancies wants to put her in the kitchen. She has the news story of a lifetime, but her editor keeps her at the society desk. She needs to tell the world what she knows, but a gangster will put her in the grave to stop her. She won’t put up with anyone else’s boundaries, regardless of the consequences.

Trey Carpenter, a young and seemingly quiet professor from back east, is in charge of arrangements for some aging academics doing summer research with the help of Pamina and her sister. He’s ready to fall for the dashing Pamina, but after visiting a notorious speakeasy and witnessing an abduction that results in murder, Pam, Trey, and the professors race across Texas in Trey’s bright red car, fleeing the gangster’s henchmen.

Ambitious, passionate, and a little reckless, Pam will write her story, even if it kills her, with Trey doing his best to protect her.