Only the Scars Remain



Alyssa Martin has loved Ryan Sutherby since they were children. Raised in Cypress Bayou, Louisiana by abusive, alcoholic parents, Ryan had always been there. As teenagers on the banks of the Red River, they pledged themselves to each other with a kiss borne of true love.
Ryan, a star quarterback, receives a scholarship. Furious when Alyssa ends their relationship, they don’t speak till the following summer. In an enchanted riverside clearing where only the truest of love casts a spell, magic transpires their first time together.
But devastation strikes and Ryan blames her, so Alyssa does what she does best. She runs away, away from the pain, and away from the guilt.
Until ten years later…
She’d recognize that scar on Ryan’s hand half-blind. He’d carved a heart in the tree, accidentally slicing it open that wondrous night. But their love cannot be denied, and together they heal.