Once Upon a Snowy Moon



When her date bails on her, Tara decides she’s had it with men. On her way home from the disastrous date, she hits a large dog with her car. There’s no question she’s keeping him. After all, dogs are faithful—unlike the men in her life.

Max is on the run after he and his alpha escape a violent coup. Exhausted, he doesn’t see the car until it’s too late, but he does see the woman who mistakenly believes he’s a dog. While she takes care of him, Max has to figure out what’s next, while keeping the woman he’s beginning to fall for safe from his enemies.

Tara’s new dog is everything she hoped for, but there’s one major problem—he’s not a dog. He’s a wolf shifter. Now Max must convince her to trust him at the same time that he’s trying to save his alpha’s life. Until that happens, love is not in the picture—for him or Tara.