New Banker in Town & Happy Endings



New Banker in Town
Paul Weaver felt Sweetwater, Kansas, was going to be one of those towns along the railroad that would grow quickly. Everything Paul looked for before building a large bank was present – and much more…
The woman who had broken his heart, almost broken his spirit, was also there. A woman he thought lost to him. Was pain from her betrayal so raw it would cripple him more than his missing limb? Would old wounds resurface and loss overwhelm his ability to be the businessman he had become?
Sweetwater could turn out to be his Waterloo. Does he accept his life as it is or fight for what it should have been if he had listened to his heart so many years ago?

Happy Endings
1874 Sweetwater was growing in all sorts of ways. New bank, new school and new houses for the families settling there joining the original ranchers. This busy town was earning a reputation for peaceful living and prosperity for everyone.
Will an unwanted intrusion from outsiders bring all that to an end? Would the townspeople and those in the perimeter of protection be endangered? Or will everything work out as it was meant to for the people living and loving in Sweetwater?