My Weary Traveler



Mariah, a widow struggling to raise her three children on a small farm in Midwestern Canada in the ’30s, is determined to succeed alone. She works hard, along with her two young sons. Her little girl helps out when she’s not busy dressing the family hound in doll clothes. Each night, Mariah talks to her dead husband’s picture and tells him no one can ever take his place. No one, that is, until a weary traveler shows up at her gate and makes the devastating mistake of letting his shirt fall open…

Jonas has inherited a farm not far away and is on his way there because work in the city has dried up. The feisty woman from whom he asks a drink of water is more than he bargained for, but he returns to save her and her family from the prairie fire sweeping through the countryside, and their acquaintance only gets hotter.