My Gambling Man (Slip in Time Series)



Music therapist Isabella Dawson is on stage at the Cowboy and Western Museum about to receive an award for her outstanding moral character. As her fiancé, Charles Roberts looks on with love, Isabella longs for real passion to exist between them.

In that moment, the museum slips Isabella back in time to The Grand Saloon Theater on a riverboat traveling down the Mississippi. Even better, she’s landed in the arms of a gambling man who answers only to “Chaz.” But Isabella would recognize Charles Roberts anywhere. Now it seems, their nights of passion might be possible. But first, she must navigate undergarments she’s only read about, sing as a headliner in the theater, and let go of her need to be perfect.

Lucky for her, she’s found a gambling man who yearns to make all Isabella’s dreams come true…looks like this time the cards just might be stacked in her favor.