January Morgan is a talented reporter. Her tenacity and drive have helped her land impactful stories that have caught the eye of the New York-based networks. She is moving closer and closer to making her career dreams come true, but her love life seems to be slipping through her hands.

When she needs to be comforted, she turns to the encouraging and loving words of Alexander Lane, who is just as driven as January. He is a world-traveling professor, but no matter how far his journeys take him, January is never far from his mind.

After fifteen years, their strong connection has not diminished with time; instead, it has grown stronger. The dear friends believe they have a handle on their feelings until Alexander is offered his dream job in the same city where January lives.

Will their love only ever exist on paper? Now that fate has placed them in the same place at the same time, will they run away from or toward each other?