Murder in the Mist



Murders just didn’t happen in the little village of Cole Harbor, Maine.

New York investigative reporter Laura Friday returns to Cole Harbor to recuperate from a near-fatal gunshot wound. When she and her aunt go picnicking on a nearby island, the ground gives way beneath her and Laura falls into a shallow grave, landing on a woman’s skeletal remains. Now someone is leaving white rosebuds on Laura’s doorstep.

Park Ranger Bryan Cole makes no secret of his attraction to Laura. Riddled with guilt that she’s to blame for her best friend’s death, Laura lets Bryan know she is not interested in anything beyond a platonic relationship, and he realizes he has his work cut out for him if he wants to win her heart.

A psychotic killer lurks in the town. The voices inside his head tell him Laura is the perfect woman. If she screams when he tries to love her, will there be another grave to fill?