Destined to hang for saving a courageous beauty from some despicable men, American Revolution hero Sam Holloran wants to know why she stole his dying friend’s valise. But there is only one way to save Sam’s neck and recover what the lovely thief took—marry her so Felicia can’t testify against him. Can he rescue the contents, discover her secrets, and protect her from danger while guarding his heart?

When summoned to her friend’s death bed to retrieve religious documents for her secret organization, Felicia Blackwell doesn’t hesitate, but she must fight off others who want them, including handsome Sam Holloran. Relieved Sam is spared from the gallows, Felicia is prepared to annul the marriage, but he will not agree until she is safe.

Can their new-found passion overcome mutual distrust long enough for them to find the murderer and stop him before he kills Felicia?