Merry’s Christmas



One night of passion in high school between Merry Donovan and Joe Moro–the boy she had loved from afar–was all it took to create a new life. Afterward, Merry gave their infant son up for adoption. Joe never learned he had been a father.
Ten years later, an ex-lover dumps a two-day-old baby on Joe’s lap and disappears. He hires Merry, a professional nanny, to care for the infant?.never recognizing her as “Mousy Merry” from high school. Joe is determined to keep the baby despite the fact he has no proof he is the father.

Merry can’t understand why a single man would want to keep a newborn?until she learns the heart-wrenching secret behind his affection for the child.

But Merry has a secret of her own–and it threatens to destroy the first Christmas Joe has ever celebrated.