Men in Ts



Independent single mom Pax Walters takes her work as a magazine journalist very seriously. It provides her with the means to support her son Ryan and give him the specialized education an autistic child needs. She is hesitant to leave him for two weeks to cover a classic car convention, but how bad can a Model T road trip be?

After a recent break-up, Scott Douglas is only too eager to attend a Model T convention four states away. He even reluctantly agrees to have a journalist accompany him on the trip. Accompanied by his trusty collie sidekick Ripper, he is shocked to find that his other traveling companion is a city girl who knows nothing about cars or camping. It is even more upsetting when he finds himself drawn to her in ways he’s never felt before.

Simple flirting sparks something more and love seems to be in the air. Can a special child, a dog and possibly a ghost bring these two opposites together?